“Voices hum, crooning over Moonlight Bay Banjos strum, tuning while the moonbeams play . . . Candle lights gleaming on the silent shore Lonely nights, dreaming till we meet once more”

Let me first start out by saying that nearly half a year later I still dislike this costume.
When I first started this costume I was working with three images in my mind. The first was a fashion plate from 1914:

And the second image is a dress from 1911 courtesy of Vintage Textile:

and annoyingly I can’t find my source for my third image:

From inspiration to this in just one days:

The first step was to get the bodice knocked out. The pattern was drafted from Norah Waugh’s The Cut of Women’s Clothes. I took the 1914 harem pattern and altered the bodice and added two bust darts. Once that was done I made the skirt using the Laurel dress pattern from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion. The top coat was cut on the stand and was relatively simple. I draped one sleeve and then draped the other. Basted and stitched the pieces together and voila! I now have the top part of my overcoat.

 I based the square skirt off of an extant example from 1912:

I’m not quite sure how women wore corsets to dinner! I kept wanting to finish my dessert and my corset prevented me from taking another bite!!!

Please ignore my hair. We forgot to take photos after dinner and we came back after we had changed for the night to take a few quick snaps.



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