“Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”

And so I set off ready set off for an evening full of decadence and glamour only found in the year 1912.

The fabric literally spoke to me and commanded me to turn it into something extraordinary and so without a doubt Saturday was my favorite night!  When I bought the fabric I had a few images already in my mind. Unfortunately I had one day to pull this costume together. I will be going back and fixing quite a few of the mistakes I made but for now I will share everything with you.

The first was a sketch from Worth c. 1912:

I knew that I wanted to have the fullness at the hips but I wanted the narrow cut of the hobble skirt that was starting to become very popular.

My favorite hobble skirt gown is from a “Woman’s silk and tulle dress with hobble skirt, trimmed in fur, flowers, and rhinestones. Made by Cummings, St. Louis, Missouri, ca. 1910-1912”

And the final idea is without a doubt my favorite Lucile gown:

Later I also found an image from an old Alexander McQueen collection that I also added to my moodboard.

The bodice was altered from the 1914 Norah Waugh Harem pattern that I used for my silver dress. The first step was rather easy, cut the top and lining, add the bust darts, stitch. Using the same Thornton pattern from my previous costumes I made the skirt and turned the hem

Looking back there are so many things that I wish I had done differently. I think if you take into account how quickly it was made then it’s very beautiful but after researching this period this gown will eventually be remade.

After that I created a skirt to go over the top of the dress:

To complete the costume I gathered the train up slightly in order to accomplish the shape I was hoping for!

I went down to dinner and I was sad to discover that unfortunately no matter how hungry you are, the corset will win in the end!

Yum Yum eat ’em up!

I was lucky enough to stay at  The White Star Tavern in Southampton where many of the passengers and stewards that sailed on the Titanic stayed. I can’t put into words how wonderful our stay with TWST was! The staff are fantastic and so lovely! The rooms are extraordinary and the food is delicious!

After dinner I snuck upstairs to take a photo with the Titanic room! The lovely couple staying in this room would be the same I would wave off the next day!

I will admit that I am extremely happy with how my hair turned out! Thank you to my mom who sat on skype and walked me through how to style my hair!

The headband was literally stitched together about 40 minutes before we left for diner!

I really loved this entire dress. The fabric draped beautifully and quietly slipped behind me. When I walked in the dining room I truly felt like I had crossed the barriers of time and stepped back into the 1912s.

And of course the best part of getting dressed, is getting undressed!!!

One last costume from the Titanic Project left to post!


10 thoughts on ““Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”

  1. SO SO beautiful. I’m jealous!

  2. You look stunning! I think I also saw you in Oxford Street two Saturday ago in a beautiful day-suit when you looked equally sophisticated. Well done, you are very talented and have a wonderful eye for detail.

    • The Ornamented Being says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I was so pleased that the weather held up for the Oxford Street Remembers festival! Lizzy (the lady in red) and I gave a presentation at the White Star Tavern and we were able to walk around in between the lectures.

      • Ah yes, it was definitely you! I see you also have a photo of you taken with a girl in a black and white striped Edwardian knee length dress. That dress and accessories actually comes from my hire shop. We had the pleasure of supplying quite a few costumes to local Sotonians for various events over the last few weeks but none of them compared to your beautiful creations!

  3. camilla says:

    Lovely article and lovely dress, my grandmother would have loved the dress you made. http://www.lucileandco.com xxx

    • The Ornamented Being says:

      I’m terribly sorry that my reply is so late but I have been packing and moving flats this week.I was shocked to hear from you! During my interview with University they asked me to list my top five favorite fashion designers: Worth (I included Charles and Jean-Philippe as one!), Poiret, Doucet, Bertin, and Lucile. Your compliment is something that I will treasure forever and I will continue to aspire to honor the legacy Lucile left behind.Thank you for continuing her work and keeping the legend of Lady Duff-Gordon alive!

  4. aftermartha says:

    Gorgeous! That goes for all of your creations! Are you a professional or studying costume design?

  5. tenrousei says:

    You’re sooooooooooo cool! 🙂

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