1775-1785 French cotton jacket

Happy fourth of July Colonial Williamsburg style!!! (So it’s a week after the fact that I’m finally updating but better late than never!)

I admit I am going to be terrible because I’m not going to go into much detail on this jacket either. That is simply because it was so straightforward I didn’t bother taking many photos.

How did that happen? Well keep on reading to find out . . . 

It’s based on a jacket in the CW collection (CW acc. no. 1962-259) and can be found discussed in further detail on pages 39-42 in Costume Close-up (which is a book I highly recommend).

I started this on June 30th and had it done at 2:10am July 4th.

I chose the Mary Dickinson fabric to make my jacket. it’s lovely fabric but I ended up having to buy three one yard lengths because I didn’t want to wait two weeks to have my fabric cut.

The jacket was very straightforward. Top stitch all the pieces together, turn the lining, etc. I ended up going back and having to unpick the CB because I forgot to leave the open tail.

Stitching, stitching, stitching, sleeves.

I ended up doing a quick fitting to make sure the bodice would fit right.

My serious I- have-yet-sleep- face.

I was extremely pleased with the way the pattern turned out on the sides and the CB:

I topstitched and back stitched the sleeves in. Then I spent the rest of the day turning everything. I came home from the July 3rd party and stitched my stomacher together so that I would be able to wear my outfit on July 4th. Please ignore the dorky photo, I was in the middle of moving towards the camera. Sadly this is the best shot because of the humidity my poor camera blurred up.

Later that night a group of us watched the fireworks:

and just for giggles I made a bumble bee dress and used the leftover fabric to trim my cap:

I like to shake things up 18th century style!


One thought on “1775-1785 French cotton jacket

  1. It’s beautiful, wonderful matching at the back.

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