Let me go ahead and say this: Without Abby from Stay-ing Alive these things would not have happened. They would still be a pile of fabric wishing and hoping they would one day become something more.  Abby used the 18th century tailor techniques that were taught to her when she took a wonderful stays workshop

These are the original pair we re-created from 1740-1760.

For the entire story . . . 
First things first, make a toile, fit the toile, cut the lining, cut the top fabric, whip together and fit again.

Because of the time constraint Abby used the machine to stitch these together. I only ended up hand stitching the Eiffel Tower pieces. They aren’t perfect but it’s my first time back stitching stays so I’m pleased with the result.

After we had everything stitched we boned each panel with cane. It was long and hard and frustrating.

The pieces were then whipped together like so. Which means I could wear them (even though they weren’t bound)!

After my first day of wearing them they started to form to my body. I’ll be taking pictures as time goes by because it’s fascinating to see the cane start to mold to my body.

I used the leather binding to cover the seams where I whipped the pieces together.

I spent Sunday and Monday glued to a chair binding.

The tabs were slightly difficult. I ended up using tweezers to pull the nedle through while doing the tabs!

I’ve worn these for two days with the binding complete and you can see how fast they have taken to my shape.

As my time in CW continue on I’ll keep coming back and updating this post! I’m finding the way these are starting to fit to be quite unusual and interesting. I still need to complete a lining but I’ll be working on that after I get back from D.C this weekend.


3 thoughts on “

  1. abbyelyn says:

    ❤ ❤ you. Let's get some mexican…or pizza. 🙂 We need to do a you dressed in stays photo shoot when I get back to the burg. :):)

  2. Rowenna says:

    Followed over from Abby’s blog–these look great! I love the color you chose. Aack, binding…glued to a chair pretty much covers it 🙂 Yes, tweezers sometimes are an odd but necessary sewing accessory (that, or surgical forceps…)

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