A La Hérisson

Before I post pictures I would like to post a quick Here ye be warned:  Unless you have short hair, use a wig.  It took me two hours, 9 washes, an entire bottle of shampoo, and a small pair of scissors to loose what eventually wound up as five inches off the ends of my hair.  The hair comes at a price.

This is the look we were aiming for:

And this is how it turned out:

If you wonder how this hair came to be then read on. . . Abby from Stay-ing Alive  has the best tutorial on the web for how to achieve this look (she’s also the one who did my hair so it’s easier to point you in her direction!) so make sure to click the link.

I needed a nice hairstyle for the party at Christina Campbell’s Tavern at Colonial Williamsburg and because Abby was loaning me her 1790s gown it only made sense to try the hérisson or the Hedgehog.

I endured a night of sleeping in rollers and looking slightly wonky while wearing an 18th century cap during work the next day.

Once work was done I headed over to Abby’s house.  I’m not sure why but I thought that all I had to do was to pull the rollers out and then shake my head and somehow it would instant a la hérisson.

Unfortunately that’s not how this hairstyle works.  I was assited by her fiancee in ratting my hair for an entire hour and a half.

At this point the warning I posted above should really have been applied!

But because I didn’t think about the consequences of what happens to hair that falls to the middle of your back would be after ratting it that long I am able to present to you the 1790’s Hedgehog hairstyle!

and of course a back view:

A huge thank you to Abby for loaning me her absolutely fantastic 1790s gown for the evening!


One thought on “A La Hérisson

  1. Demented Seamstress says:

    Wow, you look fantastic. Your hair is HUGE! It looks alive, like it’s trying to eat your head. I have long hair but I’ve always been afraid to try a hedgehog, now your warning has justified my hedgehog-phobia, thank you!

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