Meet the Creator

I am a costumier in my final year studying costume interpretation in London. I chose this field of study because I believe that costumes are so intimately intertwined with our psyche.  Each day we wake up and treat this brief existence like a masquerade. We become the character we dress ourselves as and present it to the world.  As a costumier, it is my job to see to it that each character is outfitted for their role on that vast stage we call life.

The Ornamented Being is my research and life journey. It is my home away from home, the one place in this vast online domain where I can present to you my love and passions. The Mended soul is my virtual atelier.

Thank you all for the follow and I hope you continue to enjoy the beauty I share.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Creator

  1. Mal Kin says:

    Dear Lyze,
    I know that you’re in London, but Abby’s blog is closed. I do not know either of you personally. I am wanting to ask someone though . . . how do you get to go to the fun fancy dress parties at Williamsburg? I live in central Va. and would love to go but I get the feeling they’re unofficial, as I can’t find mention of them outside of individual costumers’ blogs.

    Thanks for your time,

    • I apologize as I am unfortunately unable to help you. The event was unofficial and not connected to Williamsburg. It was put together by mutual friends who were from Europe and visiting and needed an excuse to prance around CW in costume! I was able to go straight from work in the millinery shop to the tavern that night. I apologize that I can’t better assist you!

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