Oh, those Gorgeous Georgians!

For the Dress Like a Georgian Day Picnic I changed my mind three times. At first I was positive I would do something from the 1790s so that I could re-use it for a Regency event. Then I thought I would take a step back and work on a Chemise a la Reine but I decided to save that for my lecture at The British Museum.

After catching Marie Antoinette I decided to go for a completely new approach based on this dress:



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Colonial Williamsburg: Dimity Petticoat

I’m sorry I’ve neglected this dress diary for so long! I finished my internship for The Tudor Tailor, finished my second year at university, flew back home for two weeks and then started my summer internship at The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop in Colonial Williamsburg (CW for short).

I was assigned a uniform on my first day made by one of the interns last year until I could make my own. Here is my blue fitted back gown courtesy of The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop:

Once I had myself organized I started to work on a new petticoat because unfortunately I kept tripping over my blue one. It’s ridiculously long and at 5’7 it’s not very good to keep tripping into random AI’s (CW slang for the actor-intepreters) arms.

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